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Yet, another biggest data breach of the people’s favorite place to ask and answer questions. A lot of people around the world use Quora, this platform to ask questions about anything they want and can even write answers to the different question. Late Monday data of the 100 million quora users is compromised. People got enraged for the social media mainly quora data breach.

However, Quora discovered the glitch on Friday that one of the System in Quora saw a third party malicious intruder who hacked their account. The information that is being hacked involves Passwords protected cryptographically, mail address, full names, all the data that is being linked in the site by using the links, different types of non-public content and actions. It even had access to all the answer requests, direct messages, all the upvotes, and the downvotes. Not just limited to this, the quora spaces and blogs, all the public content, question, answers, links in the answers, comments. All the information that is there in Quora is being hacked by the third party people.

On Friday when Quora found out about the malicious intruders, they took the help of the digital forensics and the security firm to investigate more about it and even informed about the data breach to the law enforcement officials.

Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo today wrote that:

It is our responsibility to make sure thing is secure and good for the users, and we have failed to meet that responsibility. In order to maintain the trust of the users, we will work hard to make sure that this will not happen again. These where the exact words told by the CEO.

A lot of people in Quora where affected from the data breaching, all those people were logged out of the accounts and in order to know they are the real users and authenticate the passwords, Quora asked the users to enter the old password to authenticate the profile. Quora has emailed all the affected users with this regard. While the hackers were unable to access the accounts, answers, and question of the anonymous users as quora doesn’t store the identities of the anonymous users.

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