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A tidy stockroom where cardboard boxes of stock smoothly float in and out at the precise times they should.
The spreadsheets update automatically as you go along.
Isn’t that every small manufacturer’s dream?
It certainly is a blissful picture.
But it’s not just the peace of mind you get by making this a reality.
Inventory management is the process of keeping track of all the goods your company has in stock.
And the benefits of good small business inventory management have become clear as day, just because the costs of doing it badly are so high. There’s no getting around it in today's fast-paced market.
If you have too much stock then you are tying up cash, as well as having to pay unnecessarily for resources like stock room space.
On the other hand, understocking can lead to delayed deliveries and mobs of unhappy customers wielding pitchforks at your door.
Inventory is just so central to a business dealing with physical products, and your inventory management plays a huge role in your success. It can be the difference between sinking and swimming.
Surviving or thriving.
And that includes choosing the right solution so you can manage your inventory on the next level.
As a modern manufacturer, you need systems that know the maker’s needs and make life easier, so you can spend your time on growing the business.
This means solutions that harmonize your raw materials and finished product inventory.
Solutions that can help you move on from the burdened world of Excel.
Solutions that seamlessly incorporate inventory management into your order fulfillment cycle.
This is why we’ve put together the low-down on everything you need to know about inventory management for small businesses - top to bottom.
Many manufacturers and production planners don’t apply the following principles.
Get on top of the stuff written below and you will put yourself ahead of 99% of your competition.
So, let’s get stuck in.

  • EJ

    Elena john

    about 1 month ago #

    First of all, I’d say a great question, managing inventory and orders becomes a more complex and pathetic task especially when your wholesaler increases rapidly online Without a proper Inventory management system it becomes a more complicated and time-consuming task. Investing in a proper inventory management system is a good solution for reducing cost, maintenance, and product expiration but no solution offers the same features and functionalities. There are many tools available for many different functions, but you need to find an all-rounder that has everything so you don’t need to switch between tools. It is recommended to use the same Inventory management system across the board to streamline operations. Considerable functionalities one system must have in are the following:

    Flexibility in Handling Product Variations, Kits, and Bundles
    Real-Time Inventory Updates
    Intelligent Dropship Support
    Inventory Synchronization Across All Distribution Centers and Channels
    Additional Integrations That Provide Powerful Performance Insights

    Expanding into multiple channels can be demanding if your old systems couldn’t scale well with your business. Selecting the right eCommerce tool is a serious decision for any Wholesaler. Without research, you may end up with the wrong resources investment.

    OrderCircle specializes in multichannel IMS and provides all the functionalities that you all need to succeed in eCommerce. Our IMS features include:
    Flexible, ascendable handling of product variations, kits, and bundles
    Powerful bulk was written material capabilities
    Real-time inventory synchronization across distribution centers and channels
    Dropship and multi-warehouse support
    Sales and demand foretelling
    All-in-one eCommerce platform that's integrated with leading channels, shipping carriers, POS, CRM, selling and accounting systems