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For this forty-second episode, I talked to Rand Fishkin, formerly Co-Founder and CEO of Moz and now Co-Founder and CEO of Sparktoro, a new solution and data provider for audience intelligence.

Rand started off leading an SEO agency and blogging about the topic and then started Moz 13 years ago as one of the first solutions for SEO research. A few years ago, he left Moz and started Sparktoro, continuing to work on his love for making big data and complex problems easy.

We talk about SaaS vs. services, the innovative business model behind Sparktoro, how to stay authentic in marketing, how Rand organizes marketing in his new company, and why not to release any MVP but take it slowly.  

  • CM

    Carmine M.

    6 months ago #

    Great stuff! Very interesting to hear Rand's opinion on venture capital, HubSpot, and IPOs.