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Full agency SEO audits have to stop. The time in which you wait 1-2 months for an audit with 30-40 recommendations is over. With more and more companies working agile, 3-5 good recommendations per month are much better.

  • DG

    Dejan Gajsek

    11 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing. I've been following Kevin on his newsletter too.

  • MM

    Manja Munda

    11 months ago #

    Thanks! It's great to see how the usual models of SEO consultancy are being challenged.

  • JP

    James Phoenix

    11 months ago #

    Loving the content Steven. Keep up the great work, your interview with Kevin was very thorough and I definitely agree that the SEO process needs to be highly agile.

  • IG

    Igor Gorbenko

    11 months ago #

    Wait. You could do 2 months long audits with 30-40 recommendations? I was trying too hard :D

    Don't show this to agencies, time to steal their business with agile.

    • SV

      Steven van Vessum

      11 months ago #

      Oh crap, it's going to be included in our newsletter which goes to thousands of agencies :P

      But rest assured, people don't like change and it takes time for them to change so plenty of time to grow that business Igor.

      You wouldn't believe some SEO audits, some are 100+ page long. I have a hard time believing anyone's really going to read that.

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