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We sat down with Scott Eblen, Director of Product Management at Twitter, to discuss if technical background is a requirement for Product Managers, what is the difference between Google and small startups, and how to create a good vision and strategy.

  • AM

    Andfer Malaby

    8 months ago #

    I agree with most things he said but still for most people who haven't worked at Google getting into profession doesn't seem so easy. A lot of great insights though. I really liked his approach to reading fiction and learning about human psychology through great authors.

  • AS

    Anna Shcherbak

    8 months ago #

    I really loved the conversation, it's one of the best product management interviews I've read in a couple of months definitely!

  • CF

    Candy Fowles

    8 months ago #

    I'm so happy that I found this article. Exactly what I need at this point in my career, as a PM without a systemic technical background. I really wish more people understood the importance of soft skills.