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The year was 2011.

And intercom was making its entrance into the market.

Things were about to get heated.

But first, they had to overcome a big obstacle: Finding the early customers.

Fortunately, co-founder Des Traynor had an idea.

Emailing prospects to tell them about Intercom and getting their feedback.

By hand.


I know what you're thinking. Automation, duh.

But nothing beats knowing your customers first-hand.

Intercom got to the root of their customers' problems and solved them.

And today, it has over $80 million in ARR!

Intercom also has some amazing strategies behind their website, developed through years of research and testing.

So I went digging for the lesser-known things that make Intercom's website wildly successful--beyond their fresh design and solid branding.

And I brought them to you!

In this new article, I talk about Intercom's 6 strategies to convert customers on their website that you can apply to your own.

Check it out now 👆