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Over 500 million accounts on Instagram use Instagram Stories every day to connect with new customers and strengthen their relationship with the existing ones. Did you know that you can recall 65 percent of the information if it’s in visual form, even after three days! By creating quality Instagram stories, you can make sure that potential customers will remember you when they’re ready to make a purchase. But the key to creating the right impact is to make sure that your Instagram Story dimensions are between 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. That’s not all... You can follow these tips and tricks to ensure that your Instagram Story has the right size, dimensions, and other attributes to woo your viewers.

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    Instagram Ads are posts or stories that are displayed on Instagram feeds. It just looks similar to a regular post but can be differentiated by the Sponsored label. It includes CTAs, descriptions, images or videos, links, and more. There are different ad formats available for Instagram ads, such as collection ads, carousel ads, image ads, etc. To create perfect ads, one should be familiar with Instagram ad dimensions. To know about Instagram image dimension, check out: https://socinator.com/instagram-features/manage-instagram-image-dimensions/