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45% of VarageSale's users come back up to 4-5 times a day - how do they get such high retention rates? Our series “A Look into Product Management" is excited to present its second feature - Robby Jennings, a growth product manager at VarageSale. He shared with us his unique path into product management, tips for making user-driven decisions, and thoughts on why testing is so important.

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    Pulkit Agrawal

    over 2 years ago #

    Nice! My biggest takeway was around focussing on "aha!" moments and bringing them to the user more quickly. That's important for onboarding, and conversion throughout the user lifecycle. One big reason this framework works well is that it puts the onus on the PM to think about the journey from the user perspective, not from the product metrics perspective. You are forced to appreciate what a user sees as success, rather than what goals around engagement and retention you've targeted as success.