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"I'd tell him to fire me."

I hung with G2's Ryan Bonnici 🚀 CMO at G2 ⚡️ Forbes Most Influential CMOs a few weeks back and among the many things we talked about regarding their explosive growth was his approach to forecasting performance and setting goals for the marketing team.

Specifically, he recalled a conversation he had early on with CEO Godard Abel.

"I asked for a lot, given my team grew from 5 people to >80. You hired me because you think I know what I'm doing. So, trust me––here's what I need. Tell me what we need to hit and we'll do that."

Looking back, he calls it "naively confident" in that (at times) maybe he’s naive to just how difficult the goals he’s working toward are.

Naiveté. Confidence. Call it whatever you want––whatever it is, it’s working.

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