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Pura Vida Bracelets reported $68.3 Million in revenue for 2018 leading to an incredible acquisition by Vera Bradley — and they credit a lot of that success to influencer marketing.

Gretta Rose van Riel used influencer marketing to build multiple 8-figure ecommerce brands.

Scott Wooly got LeBron James to promote his business for FREE! (Okay, there’s more to that story, obviously – but you’ll have to keep reading to find out the rest).

But how? And what the heck do they know that you don’t?

I’m going to give away their secrets, and fill you in on the absolute best insights from the genius influencers and marketers on the front lines making it happen.

Oh, and if those numbers don’t impress you, maybe this one will: $10,000,000,000

Influencer marketing was destined to be a juggernaut from the very beginning. As soon as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube made it possible for the average person to become a content creator — someone who could create their own brand, their own following, their own influence — the game officially changed. A new player stepped forward, one that would force marketers to alter their playbooks in ways that, at the time, seemed unimaginable.

This guide will give you the resources, best practices, and actionable advice you need to create and execute a winning influencer marketing strategy for your business.

  • TW

    The Wandering

    9 months ago #

    Pure 🔥!!!

  • JC

    Joei Chan

    9 months ago #

    Wow this is a beast! My favorite tip is Nathan Chan's: “When working with influencers it shouldn’t be treated as a transaction and measured just on ROI. This is only one measurement of success on working with a particular influencer,” says Chan. “What about the content they create for you? If you paid Kylie Jenner to do a post, the post, yes, might make you $$$ from her followers, but what about the ability to use that image of her with your product in your PPC ads? What is the cost of that?

    I didn't think of that!

  • MA

    Mihai Alex

    9 months ago #

    Nice advices!

  • MG

    Megan Green

    9 months ago #

    I like the idea of Kurt Elster “I’d rather have 10 influencers with 10,000 followers each than a single 100,000 follower influencer any day of the week”! That's very smart and wise. Smaller audience is always better to address.

  • AS

    Aaron Starc

    9 months ago #

    This is so good! Just one question, do you feel marketers should incline towards influencers rather than spending on digital ads?