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For major brands, partnerships with celebrity influencers have become an indispensable part of their marketing strategy. As a result, thousands of influencers came forward to cash in on their visibility.

Recently, however, we’re seeing signs that influencers can’t influence anymore; that the world may be done with traditional top-down influencer marketing. In fact, recent studies have found only 3% of consumers are influenced by celebrity influencers to purchase specific products.

So, what’s driving this change? Why are so many people switching off on influencers?

  • CM

    Chris More

    6 days ago #

    See also "The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs": https://andrewchen.co/the-law-of-shitty-clickthroughs/. Every channel will degrade over time as it becomes saturated and maybe social influencers as a channel isn't immune to that inevitability. I for one would be happy with seeing less people on Instagram or Twitter calling themselves "social influencers" with unless selfies and vanity posts, but that is just me. :-)

  • JD

    Johnathan Dane

    11 days ago #

    Insightful article. It seems like influencers may be losing their influence because consumers are searching for more authentic promotion or more relatable promotion. Thanks for sharing!

    • JC

      Joei Chan

      11 days ago #

      Indeed. it's a bit like when marketers discovered SEO and try to stuff keywords or build link farms to try to hack the system. In the end, it's always the same story - when it's not authentic, it doesn't work!

  • MC

    Militsa Chervenkova

    6 days ago #

    Okay, and how exactly "influencers" such as citing: "successful influencers like Emma Chamberlain or Joanna Ceddia" make any difference with their videos?

    The problem with the Influencers is that they are trying to convince us that our virtue is consumerism. They will make a review on a giant cookie, and my life is supposed to be enriched and influenced positively. I mean, c'mon. Where did our ability to reason go?

  • KW

    Kubet win

    5 days ago #

    Influencer marketing is growing because it’s a great way to get your products in front of an audience with an authentic voice. Many brands are seeing top-of-the-funnel value by getting more eyeballs on their brand’s offering. There’s power in putting the right products in front of the right audience — with an authentic voice

  • CM

    Carol Marak

    5 days ago #

    I'm a Baby Boomer and have this way for years. I'm not influenced by celebrities -- instead, I relate more with people of like mind - someone I can relate to. I could never relate to a celebrity, well, maybe as wishful thinking! LOL! Great article. Thank you. Definitely makes sense to me and has a lot of food for thought!

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