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Trying to do SEO for a website without full access to its CMS is like trying to win a sword fight with one hand tied behind your back. You can still use your weapon, but there is always going to be a limit to what you can do.

One year ago, the agency the author worked for was asked to run an SEO campaign for a client. The catch was, it would be impossible for them to gain full access to the CMS that the website was built on. Initially he was doubtful about the results that could be achieved.

What has happened in the last year since he started managing the search marketing campaign has emphasized just how important it is to implement well-structured on-page SEO. The client's website is now receiving over 20,000 more visits from organic search per month than it did when the author took over the account.

In this post the author shares how he achieved this without having full access to the CMS. The screenshots included are a direct comparison of January 2013 and January 2014.