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🖼️ Image SEO can be a game-changer for your business. A lot of people dismiss it without really considering it as a strategy, and I'd urge you to take advantage of that right now.

In order to be successful at image SEO, pay attention to:

  • Your images’ discoverability, crawlability, and indexability
  • The authority of the pages your images are on
  • Those pages’ topical relevance
  • Image captions and surrounding text
  • Image attributes (file name, format, size, and alt and title attributes)
  • How fast your images load
  • Providing context about the images using Schema markup

We've covered everything you need to know to rank images in 2019, and will keep this guide up to date to make sure it's future proof!

🎁 BONUS: the article includes tips and best practices from Cyrus Shepard, Kevin Indig, Sam McRoberts, Jennifer Wright, Martin Missfeldt, Jess Joyce, Steve Toth, Dan Taylor, Alex Florescu, Jeff Chang, Stephen Kenwright and Peter Mead.