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Hello world! My name’s Grace. I’m a rising senior studying public health at Johns Hopkins University, and I love creating videos, adventuring, laughing at memes, and telling stories. That’s how I ended up interning as a Growth Marketing intern at Kapwing, a San Francisco-based startup. On my first day of work at Kapwing, my coworker Peter and I were challenged to put up 400 posters around the Bay Area in one day. The company we’re working for has a history of non-traditional marketing, and our CEO wanted us to get an experience with scrappy tactics as our first project. We were given a budget of $500 and told to go do. Putting up posters may sound like an unscalable use of time and energy, but non-traditional, scrappy experiments can be a really important learning experience and catalyst for ideas down the road. When every Instagram ad looks the same, unconventional PR and stunts can get people talking and revolutionize the growth of a company efficiently. Almost every company will use traditional marketing tactics, but few try to grow through stunts. It’s been working for Kapwing – press stunts have been a huge factor in its growth since the beginning. These stunts and projects add to the brand and personality and make it lovable and fun. With unconventional PR as a growth tactic, the only way to see if something works is to try something different. We knew postering the city could be a complete flop. But there was only one way to find out. From Monday to Thursday, we planned. We decided what our target markets were, researched locations with community bulletin boards and the legality of posting on street poles. We found coffee shop chains like Philz in addition to public libraries have boards for posters. As long as the flyers meet these size and shape guidelines, postering on public property is legal in San Francisco except for on historic street light poles. Finally, on Friday, we embarked on the adventure (watch it here!). Here’s what I learned through the process and the advice I would give to anyone trying postering as a growth marketing tactic. ...Read more on the Kapwing blog!

  • OS

    Olya Surits

    5 months ago #

    Guess what? I was walking back from lunch in FiDi and the project that I needed to tackle that day was to add captions to my videos....that's when I walked by one of your flyers on a pole. I took a pic, came back and immediately started using Kapwing! We now are subscribed to the $20/month plan :) IT WORKS!

  • AS

    Alanna Sousa

    6 months ago #

    That's quite a story and strategy. However, I wish it had been environmentally friendly. The amount of paper, ink, and glue used for this campaign certainly did some harm to our environment. I believe we need to start tipping this point when thinking of hacking growth.

    • GW

      Grace Windheim

      6 months ago #

      That's a really good point and definitely something I wish we had thought more about! Printing on recycled paper would be doable but not sure what good and efficient alternatives there are for tape...maybe twine? Let me know if you have any suggestions :)

  • WU

    Wasim Ullah

    6 months ago #

    Love the idea

  • DV

    Drake Vala

    6 months ago #

    Creative thoughts

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