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Over the past few years there has been a term that has been tossed around recruiting teams and hiring managers to describe someone who has multiple skills or experience in a wide array of disciplines. These people are described as “T-Shaped” or sometimes referred to as a generalist. A T-shaped person has multiple skill areas (the horizontal part of the “T” letter”) and they are deep in one area (the vertical part of the “T” letter). While I personally understand T-shaped people, I don’t think it is universally understood what makes them unique and how you can’t easily assign them a singular title. This is my story on how I became T-shaped and later found the Growth.

  • DD

    Daria Davis

    about 2 years ago #

    I'm T-shaped too: getting my Bachelors in CS, was working in Computer Networking, now working as a digital marketer and I'm passioned about Products and UX. I've always been thinking it's something wrong with me: everybody around me is good in one narrow area and their head doesn't burst out of thoughts from different perspectives. Somebody says like: "When you're good at everything, you're good at nothing", but I totally disagree. :)

    • CM

      Chris More

      about 2 years ago #

      Awesome background and I totally agree that you disagree with that statement. :) While specialists perform important and specific functions, the Internet and Web that exists today has so many tool and services that range from non-technical to technical and with a diverse background, you can attack problems with any type of tool (or code) instead of being limited to one specialty area.

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