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A few years back HTTPS (SSL) was pushed by Google chrome which started to show insecure messages to users using their browser.

Other browsers soon followed suit. You would think that since then most, if not all sites now use HTTPS (SSL)? Well you would be wrong!

Taking a look at some of the biggest sites (here in the UK) you can see that there are quite a few big sites which still don't use an SSL.

Here are a few examples: the Three website (three.co.uk), Oxford University (www.ox.ac.uk), SagePay (sagepay.com - actually a redirection error) the list actually goes on and on!

With so many hacks taking place nowadays you would think that this basic implementation would have been at the top of there list?

If that's how seriously the big sites take your security what about the little fish? Implementing security and an SSL isn't painful or even that complicated.

Read our guide on how to:

- Instal an SSL

- Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

- Apply redirects correctly

- and much more

After all you don't want your customers data hijacked, do you? 🤔

Don't you want to show your potential customers that you take there security seriously?