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I thought that I knew Facebook Ads until I met Nelio Leone (what-a-guy!). I was doing it all wrong. I recently chatted with him at Growth Marketing Stories podcast. He has a powerful story to tell about how he helped Washmen to invest in Facebook Ads again (it was a failed channel before). So here are some learning for you:

💡 Don’t believe in your boss' marketing experience with the channel. Test the channel first.

💡Start with the ad creative and copy the first approach i.e. brand-driven growth.

💡 If you want to win at any kind of marketing. Understand your customers and find those insights to get ahead of your competition.

💡 Creativity > Number crunching. We, growth marketers, need to follow his approach (especially SaaS growth marketers).

If you know something about Facebook Ads. This story is an advanced lesson for you.