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The amount of content that B2B businesses are creating is massive! There are blogs, videos, webinars, podcast, and much more...

Creating content is important BUT... The increase in content has resulted in more noise than a grade 6 classroom with a substitute teacher.

Which leads us to a question: Are you sure you are doing enough to get that content seen by the world?

Content distribution is the new king and if you aren’t doing it right, you are essentially limiting your company’s growth.

To cut through the noise and grab the attention of your customers, you not only have to produce quality content consistently but also do a killer job distributing it.

Slapdash and haphazard ways that made you dump links and get your content noticed (even briefly) DON’T work anymore. That’s because EVERYONE is doing it (and failing)

So what do you do?

What you need is a Content Distribution Plan— a strategic guide that will help you disseminate content, whether it’s promoting the latest blog post or sharing a new ebook.

Find what Content Distribution Plan is, why it matters and how to use it.

  • PW

    Patrick Whatman

    6 months ago #

    This topic will never *not* be timely and useful. Thanks Taru!

  • KK

    karamjit kaur

    6 months ago #

    Creating A Content Distribution Plan is most heavy-duty in B2b Business. It can vary according to a business model. Thank you for sharing some exclusive tips. Cheers

  • RS

    Ross Simmonds

    6 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing Taru!

    Content distribution is so underrated in this industry YET so important. One of the biggest mistakes I constantly see brands make is a serious commitment to creation but very little commitment to actually distributing it. The problem here is pretty obvious:

    If your content isn't reaching people - Your content cannot influence people... Thus, it's SOOOO important for brands to ship content and be aggressive with their distribution efforts.

  • MM

    Marcus Meissner

    6 months ago #

    The world needs less articles with this sort of headline. No, not every B2B business needs a content distribution plan. Heck, plenty of B2B businesses don't even need content - at all. Plenty grow just fine via word of mouth, paid advertising, enterprise relationship sales, ect. And there's nothing special about 2019 that's different than November 28, 2018.

    • TB

      Taru Bhargava

      6 months ago #

      Hey Marcus thanks for your views. Would love to know a few examples of B2B businesses (in the main league) that continue to survive without producing content of ANY form. Probably it can be a case study in its own!

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