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Have you ever opened Google Analytics and felt your stomach drop?

Back in October of 2016 that’s exactly what happened to us.

We took a dive into our traffic stats and realised we’d been doing an awful job of content marketing.

We’d invested a lot of time and money into creating great content, but even at the end of it all, our numbers were dreadful.

So much for build it and they will come, right?

The data we did have gave us confidence. On page times, bounce rates and shares were good. But we needed more people to see it.

So, we set about creating a 7-steps content plan that would improve our traffic, give us better visibility in Google and get a greater ROI on our content efforts.

And just 60 days later we were able to see a 63% increase in our blog traffic, just by getting the basics right.

Here are the 7 steps that we followed religiously that helped us grow the traffic organically

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