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Yesterday I gave a talk about “How to Manage a Remote Team” at RemoteCon, the first remote conference in Europe on the topic of remote work. (That’s a lot of remote!)

I was very proud to present alongside expert speakers like Jason Fried of Basecamp, David Darmanin of Hotjar and Darren Murph of Gitlab. And the session Q&A was lead by Veronica Fresneau of EU-Startups.

Lots of people have asked for the slides already, so I decided to make the full talk and slides available here on the blog in a readable format.

I’ll go into how we work together remotely at Salesflare, with a special focus on how to communicate internally to make everything run like clockwork.


  • DD

    Daniel Daines-Hutt

    3 months ago #

    Great article.

    I do find it interesting that a lot of companies with a remote customer base, stay as a single location business.

    I guess for the same reason you mentioned, fear of not being able to communicate effectively as a team.


    So this is mainly speculative, but do you think you had it easier going from a location based team to remote VS if you tried to build fully remote from Day #1?