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Hiya growth hackers.

It's Kalo from Encharge.

I wanted to share the story of how we validated our latest software.

Back in 2016, I launched my first ever micro SaaS. Long story short – Google deprecated one of their APIs, and I was forced to close the tool.

Last year I sold its customer base to one of our competitors and made a tiny amount of money (nothing close to retiring as a “successful entrepreneur”). I shared the story on Reddit.

What happened to me after that?

Well… I’ve been busting my ass trying to come up with a viable software idea so my technical co-founder and I can start something new.

It was a long year of misery.

We tried validating at least 5 different ideas – some of them didn’t move past the landing page design but others we developed for months.

If you go through our weekly updates on IndieHackers, you will see a lot of confusion and frustration as we fail time and time again to build cool products that solve problems in new, innovative ways.

Not knowing what to build can make you feel ill. It’s like a pressure in your stomach. You badly want to move forward and run, but you don’t know which direction to take. You’re lost.

After many months of wandering, we decided to scratch our ambition to come up with something new.

Hope you find the story useful if you're in this stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Read the whole story at: https://encharge.io/product-validation/