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Google Shopping campaigns, otherwise known as Paid Listing Ads (PLAs), don’t work like most online advertising that targets keywords. Instead, PLA’s complicated algorithm relies on your product listing feed, which can be an entire project in and of itself, especially depending the volume of your products / skus. This alone can lead to a successful or failing campaign — coordinating with a feed management tool can help in this endeavor. Beyond that they require more time to setup, careful thought in the targeting & account structure, and a more complicated strategy to succeed. Which is why Skreened came to us. And in one month, we helped them obtain a 360% ROAS on a brand new PLA campaign. The revenue generated from the campaign represented 10% of the company’s overall income for November. We got these results by using an advanced tiered campaign strategy that allowed us to target search queries with the highest possible conversion rate. Here’s how we did it.

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