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In this post, we outline all of the key pieces of tech to grow Grow and Convert to 16,000 monthly users in 4.5 months.

We've only met once in person, and have managed this growth from opposite sides of the world.

We’ve done this by trying our best to be efficient.

We don’t always succeed, but we try to make sure we have the basics in place:

1. Stay focused on one goal

2. Don’t waste money on non-essential expenses

3. Save time — ruthlessly

This post is about the technology that helps us with those 3 processes, especially the third: save time. And in this post we also introduce our time saving weapon - our first product: Postable.

  • UM

    Umair Maqsood

    almost 4 years ago #

    This is an amazing read. Have been following you guys all over, have to say dervesh and you are writing some amazing and insightful posts. Just a quick question, so you're only focusing on Inbound Marketing to grow this, right?

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