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A lot of people ask me “How did you manage to grow so fast without any investment dollars?” Instead of telling the same story, again and again, I decided to write this post. When we started Scentbird in September 2014, we were looking for a fast and cheap way to grow our subscriber base. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube where a girl with 150,000 followers was talking about her favorite products that she had been using that month. I realized that this is exactly what we need. We have a product; now I just need to reach out to her and offer her our product for free. If she likes it, she could review it in her next video. The resulting review from this girl brought us almost 100 sales in 2 days. The economics were incredible. One month of our subscription costs $14.95, and I got 100 sales. My resulting CPA was $0.14 per customer. It was a game changer for us.

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