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In the first week of being published, this post: “How Much Developers Cost in Different Countries”, received over 1.6k unique page views. That’s not bad for 1 week, but the cherry on top came at the end of the week, when it was covered by Small Biz Trends, which resulted in over 247 social shares and a link from a high authority site (Moz DA of 82). This article explains how we got them to cover the blog post - from the article creation, to pitching and advice on what we could've done to get even more traction.

  • ED

    Edward Dennis

    9 months ago #

    Did you try posting it on reddit? As you may know, reddit is where a bunch of journalists hang out. I posted a similar article (how much marketers are getting paid; broken down into different job titles) last year and it got picked up by Lifehacker. Might not be as targeted as I wanted, but I'll take a Lifehacker link any day of the week ;)

  • SV

    Steven van Vessum

    9 months ago #

    Interesting read! Can you (Benji) or Sandy share a bit more about how you approach promoting the piece? What channels, besides the ones covered in the article and Reddit (^)?

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