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This is a case study of using affordable marketing tools (Pipedrive, Outfunnel and a bit of Mailchimp) for automating customer onboarding. As a result, we saved more than 80% of the time required while maintaining or even increasing conversion to paid.

Stage 1: Onboarding by hand. Focus on learning

Epiphany: users tend to get stuck for similar reasons:
- No need.
- No time.
- No clarity.
- Issues.

Stage 2: Manual pipeline management, automated onboarding emails to people in the first three stages, addressing issues mentioned above.

Stage 3: Going full-automatic with onboarding pipeline management, personal contact only where it made sense

All in all, this saved 80% if not 90% time spent on onboarding while maintaining or even increasing product engagement and conversion to paid because we had more time to spend with promising signups.

I also feature our onboarding conversion stats at the end of the post.

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