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Making 600k in 24 hours As A College Student
This story back dates to 2017 when Alan Alchalel and Brady Silverwood launched Sunny Co Clothing

Their sell was Free Swimsuit, pay for shipping $12 only (retails at $64.99)

They launched this on their Instagram page and sold 50k Units with 0 Ad spend

If the Math’s correct, they would have made $0.25 Million in one night 😱😱😱

You could find that product on AliBaba, factor in Shipping and variance for some default products, assume the total cost shipped would have been

$3/4 a unit + $3-$3.5 shipping in US + Faulty Product Margin + Branding = $7-$8

So what exactly worked for them?
💥Free product.
When people see free, they’re interested. There’s nothing to lose

💥Scarcity restriction.
They blocked people on time - when you’re running a campaign, make sure people convert. What do you think works better ?

“We’ve got the best bread in town, the warm tang laced with melt in your mouth softness. Each loaf is made on the spot for you”

“We’ve got the best bread in town, a melt in your mouth experience. It’s made on the spot. Grab this experience NOW as it’ll stop in 24 hours”

When you put a time emergency, people will convert. Don’t give people a reason to not say no. If you’ve grabbed their attention, convert it.

💥Product Channel fit.
If they launched this campaign on LinkedIn it would have failed for sure, but Instagram is all about visuals and being picturesque. They knew where their audience was, and marketed it there

A similarish tactic was used by Jane Lu of Showpo when she was growing her audience base, she ran a fashion competition and that virally spread bringing her a wave of customer

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