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Use these steps to improve your product descriptions and push your conversion rate in the right direction.

Wouldn’t it be a windfall to uncover a simple tactic you can use to get more sales on your ecommerce site – something that doesn’t require you to double down on pay-per-click ads, rebuild your entire website, or do anything else that’s cash and labor intensive?

If you agree that investing a little to earn a lot is a good idea, here’s a red-hot tip: optimize your product descriptions.

“A lot of ecommerce companies completely miss the boat by focusing on features or technology. The most effective product descriptions inspire by focusing on what the customer will do with the product,” says Isaac Szymanczyk, principal at content agency Conveyor.

“The secret is staying focused on the consumer experience and then finding a way to work the product into it. It’s not hard, but it takes practice and discipline to maintain that approach through thousands of SKUs.”...

  • DH

    Danny Halarewich

    over 2 years ago #

    @davidhoos nice work on this article! Product descriptions are so key for online retailers, yet they very often neglected for other tactics or growth hacks. Good job on helping people with the fundamentals (where most growth comes from, anyway) 👍