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We'll explain what sequential workflows are and how they can make your email marketing better, stronger, faster, and more frequently converting.

Do you know why do you need an annual email marketing cycle?

By planning ahead, you can anticipate potential content production roadblocks.

We'll show you how to do this, and more, in the article below.

  • TS

    Telcob Services

    6 months ago #

    I am very impressed with this article content So please keep posting on Email Marketing. This will help us to learn about new trends and technologies on Email Marketing.

  • KT

    Kevin T

    6 months ago #

    Thank you Lucia for sharing the article! The examples in the article drove the point home rather well! I'm also a big fan of using standardized processes and this post made me love processes even more!

    Do you have any thoughts on an email campaign pre-send checklist? This post https://growthhackers.com/articles/email-campaign-pre-send-checklist talks about why marketers should have a pre-send checklist and what all things should be on the checklist. With a checklist, you don't lose out
    anything that's important and you can optimize the efforts spent in your email campaign!

    Would love to have you add to this!

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