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As a business owner, there are some unpleasant situations that no business school or formal education can ever prepare you for. Receiving negative feedback from a dissatisfied customer is one such instance.

Your first impulse might be to stick your head in the sand and imagine it isn’t there. Responding positively to negative feedback is difficult to do well, because there’s a fine line between being overly gracious and downright rude.

But in reality, negative feedback gives you a golden opportunity to get to know your customers better, identify their real needs and improve your product and the way you present it to the world.

  • NS

    niketa sharma

    6 months ago #

    You just mention the very useful and point to point informative. Thanks for sharing it.

  • KS

    Karthik Subramanian

    6 months ago #

    Yes, I agree with this. In fact, one way of looking at negative feedback is by appreciating the time that the person has taken to go over your product. For example, the feature may have been very crucial for your customer which is why he might have closely looked at it and pointed out faults. Like you pointed out, product managers could regard this as a splendid opportunity where the customers/users have tested the product which is the closest you can get to real-life testing.

  • SA

    Soner Alemdar

    6 months ago #

    Finally a guide demonstrating that negative feedback is not only to judge, but to improve the work and the ways it could be done! Thanks Kerrie, it will for sure light my way! :)