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In an increasingly competitive SaaS landscape, it becomes harder by day to engage new signups, activate them and successfully take them along the journey of user adoption.

With a limited attention span, users are more likely to lose interest in products that don’t demonstrate value right away or become quickly frustrated with bad product experience.

A ‘good’ product experience is one that never fails to provide users with value based on their persona, the right context, and the exact stage of the journey they are currently in.

In this article, I’ll be going over what many SaaS companies get wrong about the user adoption process. Moreover, I’ll be arguing that dynamic product experiences that trigger based on context are far more effective in driving user adoption than traditional onboarding techniques.

Topics to be covered
A review of the user journey
What are the context-driven product experiences?
How to establish a solid framework for the user adoption process
What to track and how to determine the ideal journey to user adoption
The do’s and don’t’s of the user adoption process