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For companies using a blog as a way of driving traffic and generating leads, getting an email subscriber is just step 1 of the conversion funnel. While getting e-mail subscribers is great, the real goal of most company blogs is to generate leads for your sales team or get your prospects to make purchases online. Here's how SnackNation used their thank you page to turn blog subscribers into trial customers.

  • DS

    Danavir Sarria

    almost 4 years ago #

    Nice article! Reminds me how I need to go back and work on my thank you page, ha!

    • ES

      Emil Shour

      almost 4 years ago #

      Thanks Danavir! I really enjoyed your article on writing effective headlines. Got some great takeaways.

    • DK

      Devesh Khanal

      almost 4 years ago #

      Yeah seriously. Articles like this give me this funny feeling of "oh cool, we should do this!" Combined with "oh man, one more thing to do". haha.

  • DB

    Dani Beach

    almost 4 years ago #

    Extremely helpful article, @emilshour! I am actually in the process of implementing lead captures for our blog, and I just set up my first campaigns last week. I saw you're using OptinMonster -- that's the service I went with! It's been great so far. Super easy to use.

    We don't offer a free trial for our platform, but we'll have an ebook, a whitepaper, and case studies in the next month or so that I'm hoping will help us build out a robust thank you page. Right now, we're struggling to even see conversions on our blog's lead gen form, but I'll be making tweaks in the next month to improve that :)

    Thanks again for the inspiring article!

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