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Top-notch resource by Sujan Patel on how to take your marketing team to the next level.

It's easy to get started with business today. But more business means more competition and more competition means having to work harder and smarter than the rest to stay in the game.

This guide takes you to the process of how to manage and train your marketing team to do just that.

Sujan created this from his experience training 50+ marketers throughout his career.

It's a follow-up from the video series he made earlier on how to start a career in digital marketing, which you can find here:

  • AB

    Alex Birkett

    9 months ago #

    Love it! We do a bunch of formal stuff like tuition reimbursement (which is amazing), conferences, and master classes, but one of my favorites is the simplest: the free books program. There's no scrutiny on what books you're reading so it encourages curiosity and self-learning. I've done a lot of paid programs and they've definitely helped a lot, but even if you don't have the budget to support that, books are pretty cheap and the simple act shows you care about learning/growth.

  • SP

    Sujan Patel

    9 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing @gilles_de-clerck

    • MS

      Martijn Scheijbeler

      9 months ago #

      Great blog post, something besides taking your team to conferences that I'm missing is meetups. The people on a team that are really passionate about their field definitely are willing and more then up for joining meetups at night or on weekends if it's interesting enough. In most cases I noticed that they pay off even more then conferences as you meet the same people but they're more invested in the event. If they go with their colleagues it works as a team bonding event too.

      So many other ideas come up though after reading this post, good one!

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