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Facebook have just started rolling out a brand new feature that a lot of advertisers have been waiting for: The ability to retarget people who have engaged with your Instagram account, posts or watched your Instagram videos. This will open up a lot of opportunity for Instagram users with large followings because they'll have a new, low cost way to get their content in front of those users. This post walks you through the process of setting up your ads to retarget your Instagram followers and also gives you a few ideas for using this new feature for maximum effect.

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  • MA

    Michael Akinlaby

    6 months ago #

    Engagement is higher on Instagram:

    "According to this article by Toby Nwazor, Adidas posted the same post on both their Facebook page and Instagram account. The Facebook page had 24 million likes, versus the Instagram account’s 9.7 million followers. However, the Instagram post had over 130,000 views compared to Facebook’s 78,000 views. The post also had 154 comments on Instagram compared to 67 on Facebook."

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