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At Time Doctor, content focused SEO has been our best marketing channel.

We used it to grow our website to over 200,000 visitors and over 8,000 signups per month.

Now, the marketing team has grown from 3 to 11 people all working remotely in different parts of the world!

In this post, we are sharing how we have set up and built our SEO team.

We are hoping you can replicate it for your business.

Here’s what to expect:

- Our SEO team structure
- Our Key Performance Indicators
- SEO tools we use (shoutout to Ahrefs, Buzzstream and Yoast!)
- Hiring Remote Employees (Bloggers, linkers, researchers)
- Training your team
- and more.

P.S. If you have grown your team the same way we did, we would love to hear your experiences.