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In Brian Balfour's latest post, he covers the 5 must haves on how to set up a growth team, which are around: 

  1. Measuring Success
  2. Areas of Opportunity
  3. Challenging the Why
  4. Hiring & Authority
  5. Measuring & Rewarding Impact 

"The next way that growth teams should seek impact, not activity, is to challenge the "Why." To make sure the team is working on the most important things, managers must constantly question the "Why" behind the ideas their team is pursuing."

  • WH

    Wilson Hung

    over 3 years ago #

    Great read! I think the most common trap marketers fall into is being idea driven instead of opportunity driven.

    • BB

      Brian Balfour

      over 3 years ago #

      @wilsonghung Agreed it is the most common trap. It goes against human nature which is why it is such an attractive trap. We are hard wired to believe our ideas are the best ideas and so many other biases.

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