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To sell online courses, you need two things. First and foremost, build VALUE-PACKED and UNIQUE training. Afterwards, you need to be smart about using different channels to market your course.

After talking to a few course creators, we've created this article so that you can find all the information on how to sell training courses online in one place. From different sales strategies to more practical advice, it's all in here.

You'll also get full access to 8 cold email templates to promote your online course, reach out to hesitant buyers and push people down your sales funnel.

Here's a quick overview:

1) Understand the sales funnel. Master all 4 stages and learn how to move people towards conversions in a much more effective way.

2) Cold email templates. Get inspiration from the lemlist team to amplify your impact and increase conversions.

3) Other channels for selling courses online. Learn 7 more opportunities to market your online course.

4) Platforms to help you create, manage and sell your training. From all-in-one solutions to marketplaces and WordPress platforms.

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