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What makes Pinterest interesting is not just the size of its user base, but the way those users behave. People on Pinterest click on a lot of outbound links, meaning the site generates a disproportionate amount of social media referral traffic. According to a 2015 report, Pinterest generates 5% of all such referrals online. That’s second only to Facebook, and more than Twitter, Google+, Reddit, and LinkedIn combined. Pinterest users are also more engaged than normal. As you're no doubt aware, content on social media often gets buried very quickly. Wise Metrics crunched the numbers and found that the average Tweet has a "half-life" - the time taken for a post to receive 50% of its potential clicks - of merely twenty-four minutes. Facebook posts don't fare much better, with an average half-life of ninety minutes. But Pinterest "pins"? Their "half-life" is 3.5 months at least. Content that you share on Pinterest stays fresh for a long time, and continues to send traffic your way long after your most viral Tweet has been forgotten. Finally, traffic from Pinterest is more likely to convert. Pinterest users aren't just there to catch up with their friends or get updates from the brands they already know - they use Pinterest to search for and compare new products. According to a survey by Millward Brown Digital: 93% of Pinterest users use Pinterest to plan purchases. 87% say they've bought a product because of Pinterest. 72% use Pinterest to help them decide what to buy offline. And when Pinterest users make a purchase, the average order value is about $50 - higher than any other social network. In other words, Pinterest is a potential goldmine of traffic, product discovery, and sales.

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