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The Edison Research report as of April 2020 shows that there are 850,000 active podcasts, with over 30 million episodes. And it’s up to us more than ever, to weed out the noise and spend time on credible podcasts that offer some tangible takeaway.

Ditch every podcast that doesn’t seem to be respectful of your time.

If you are in the marketing domain, then it’s no secret that there is a lot of fluff around. Too many people in this domain tend to play the game of “fake it till you make it”.

But, it’s easy to figure out fluff.

Some of the tell-tale symptoms are:

  1. The podcaster will try to make every other sentence sound like a punchline.
  2. There’s too much focus on dramatizing the whole episode with sound effects, buildups and too much post-production than focusing on offering quality content.
  3. Episode topics are click-baity in nature, but the episode content doesn’t live up to it.
  4. Random content – i.e., the conversation goes in all directions and doesn’t communicate a clear takeaway.
  5. Biased/agenda driven- a good podcast is one that offers a balanced view on the subject.

For instance, if it’s about ‘gating content’ – you will see that podcasts from companies offering chatbots will be against gating content, giving you the modern marketing story. But, you as a listener are here to take away an unbiased outcome, i.e., what’s the point of gating, when to gate and when not to, and definitely not to hear propaganda.

To sum up, I’ve tried to put together some real indicators you can look for when you select a podcast to listen to.