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A big realization I’ve had is that meeting someone in person creates a much stronger impact than connecting with them over email or call.

A Harvard Business Review article reads

"A Face-to-Face Request Is 34 Times More Successful Than an Email."

Every time I travel to a new city for business or vacation, I make it a point to allocate a day or two to meet folks with similar interests.

The possibility of these meetings are endless – mentorship, peer learning, sales or business opportunities, partnership, collaboration or even a new career opportunity.

The goal for these meetings should be to build long-lasting relationships.

You might want to avoid a direct sales pitch in any of these meetings unless that is the intended agenda of the meeting.

This post will break down the exact process that I use (or have seen) to schedule meetings when traveling to a new city.

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    VenkatesaMadhan V

    almost 2 years ago #

    Interesting observations @nivasravi, when you are in a customer centric business this certainly leaves best impression about the business as the tips shared here is fantastic. Hacky methods and quick ideas i love those things. Well detailed article. (slow claps)