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Did you know that the Internet significantly contributes to climate change?

Each and every website can either makes things worse or help to save the world.

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is pioneering here as well.

An eye-opening guide by the WordPress professionals of Kinsta.

  • NR

    Nikola Roza

    8 months ago #

    This was all new info for me. I had no idea that the internet contributes to world pollution, but it makes sense to me now- websites eat electricity all day long.
    However, I don't think fighting pollution on this level is enough. Even if all data centers across the world followed Google's example and eliminated carbon emissions, it would've been just a drop in the sea.

    Personally, I think the only hope for our planet is that maybe we'll run out of fossil fuels before it's too late.

    People are not dinosaurs, they can adapt to anything and living on just renewable energy doesn't seem like the worst case scenario.

    In conclusion- I support switching to "green" host because every little bit helps:)

    • TC

      Tad Chef

      8 months ago #

      I knew that the Internet uses a lot of energy but I didn't really know what to do about it other than using green hosting or searching using Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees with is ad revenue.

      Now I know that optimizing your website also matters. I also think that it does not matter how little the change appears to be. It adds up and you lead by example.

      I also do a lot of other things to minimize my carbon footprint. I'm vegan, I don't drive or fly, I buy organic food, use clean energy, ethical banking and so on and so forth.

      • DH

        Dani Hart

        8 months ago #

        Hey @onreact - thanks for posting this!

        I think you may find the book "Getting Green Done" interesting. https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Green-Done-Sustainability-Revolution/dp/158648804X

        I studied marketing and environmental studies in college and I've spent a lot of time thinking about the parallels & disconnects between the two studies in life and in my career.

        Unfortunately, the obvious pattern is that sustainability doesn't always align with short-term profit. And a lot of our society is inefficiency incentivized for short-term gains. This can create a lot of waste and time spent cleaning up the mess.

        I think a big problem we all face is plain ignorance. We've built a society on convenience and continue to solve for arbitrary problems instead of understanding the environmental problems, that will grow over the decades to come, and find ways to solve for those problems.

        I appreciate you elevating this topic and think all of us marketers can continue to do what you did... spread awareness.

      • NR

        Nikola Roza

        8 months ago #

        I agree that every little bit helps. And that you show the way by setting an example.
        Also, it's nice when you can kill two birds... I mean feed two birds with one grain :)
        For example- I too am vegan.
        It makes me happy when I think that I'm not the cause of some animal's suffering.
        And because I don't eat meat,
        Fewer animals need to be produced,
        Less land needs to be converted into pastures (I'm being optimistic, most for-slaughter animals are held in cruel/strict captivity, waiting for their turn to be slaughtered).
        All of this means that more land will be covered with forests, thus making Earth greener.

        I'm proud, but I have a small confession to make:

        Not once did I think about it before I turned vegan. In fact, I'm crazy about personal development and I switched to plant food after I've read Steve Pavlina's article "Do it Now" where he says that plant foods are better for mental clarity.

        But now the main reason for staying vegan is animal welfare. Focus and mental clarity are just awesome perks.

  • PV

    Philip Verghese

    6 months ago #

    Hi Tad,
    You brought out a serious subject we all need to look into it. Yes, our environment is day by day getting hotter and hotter due to our changing lifestyle. The carbon emission is creating a great danger to our existence.
    You brought out a timely subject, yes, even the website developers and users can play a vital role in reducing our gas emissions.
    Your 3 Simple steps are really worth following:
    Benchmark our website carbon emissions.
    Reduce data transfer by reducing page weight and unnecessary page views.
    Switch to a web host powered by renewable energy.
    Yes we the online users can easily follow these steps
    I am using A2 Hosting web hosters they follow these steps and use renewable energy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • BJ

    Brian Jackson

    6 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing Tad! We appreciate it.

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