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About 281.1 billion emails are sent per day, according to Statista.

Almost every web user has an email address.

People use emails to communicate with their friends, family, and brands.

Looking at my own email, which I use for business, I’ve communicated with a lot of friends and family through email this year.

I’ve also sent a lot of messages to different companies too.

Some I sent for customer service. Some I sent to inquire about their products or services.

The importance of email is growing each day as more people become tech savvy.

We use email to sign up for most websites and services we use online.

Email is a powerful marketing channel. It’s where people can engage with you without worrying about privacy.

Email is a place where you can build a solid relationship with prospects.

How can you create an email marketing campaign that gets people to become customers and advocates of your business?

In this article, Michael is sharing with you everything you need to know about running a successful email marketing campaign.