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- Be timely with your response. Amazon gives customers 60 days after they leave seller feedback to remove their response. If you wait too long before reaching out to the buyer, you might miss that window of opportunity.
- Apologize. It never hurts to say you’re sorry. Take the time to apologize, understand the buyer’s problem, and address it properly.

- Offer buyers a refund in exchange for negative feedback removal. This is against Amazon’s rules and you can actually have your seller account suspended if you attempt such a scheme. Instead of sellers throwing refunds out left, right, and center, Amazon wants sellers to take the time to understand problems and address them properly.
- Immediately ask for feedback removal. Your initial message to the buyer should only include your apology and ideas for resolving the issue. If you immediately ask for feedback removal, you’ll give the customer the impression that you don’t actually care about their problem — in which case, they definitely won’t remove their feedback. Wait for their response before requesting feedback removal.