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Hey GrowthHackers community🌱

Let’s address the elephant in the room: crisis-driven product churn 🐘

It’s fair to say, business owners have been going through it a bit recently. The pandemic has pushed many businesses to edge; some have already been tipped over. Unlucky, un-socially distant companies are on course to lose a fair share of clients. Still, no business has ever not lost a customer; no single brand is immune to the dreaded churn. Lost customers mean lost money. It’s clear that the current crisis isn’t going to end any time soon. Q3 and Q4 are going to bring a lot of fresh challenges to the business world.

This piece aims to highlight tactics and techniques that can help chop the churn, written from our own, personal experience. Save yourself a pain in the ass, crisis-proof your business with a little bit of NetHunt’s help 🙌