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We tend to measure everything in our businesses, yet customer service is often very intuitive. Learn how to find out what your audience is looking for and based on that, improve your customer relationships.

  • RB

    Roman Berezhnoi

    4 months ago #

    You gave a good advice. It is true. As CEO of web development agency, that specializes in WordPress development, I face our clients' complains.
    Let me to comment.
    Unfortunately customers have no expectations. They have needs and hidden needs. For example, they use many channels to complain because they think that a company don't want to contact them, answer their questions, etc. So, customers search the best channel to contact a company.
    As you wrote, companies don't understand customers' needs. So, we all have the conflict.

  • AH

    Arif Hussain

    4 months ago #

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  • MV

    Mark Von Essen

    4 months ago #

    Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing Matt!

  • AZ

    Andriy Zapisotskyi

    4 months ago #

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  • CT

    confused techie

    4 months ago #

    I love this article. Very insightful and interesting.

    This is what I think of Pipfeed as well sometimes. Our direct competitor is Pocket app + Medium. We are marketing ourselves as a reading app for "busy" people.
    Some ideas I had considered:
    - A.I. powered personalized reading app

    But I think the overall idea needs to be simpler like Slack showed itself as an "Email Killer"

    Any suggestions guys?

  • SE

    stripo email

    4 months ago #

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  • AC

    Anton Cherkasov

    4 months ago #

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  • AN

    alex nazarsun

    4 months ago #

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  • VS

    Veronika Sedláčková

    4 months ago #

    84% of businesses believe they “usually” or “always” provide excellent customer service, rating their customer service levels as an A or B. However, only 9% of consumers think that they “always” get excellent customer service.

    This proves how different we see the same situations, the percentage discrepancy is huge.

  • AP

    Aryavrat Infotech Pvt Ltd

    4 months ago #

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