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If you are a Software-as-A-Service company, no matter what industry you are in, there is a good chance you have an affiliate program. And in most cases when your affiliate program is starting out, you are very reactive with it, letting affiliates signup on their own if they are interested. This is fine and dandy until you meet a crossroad where your affiliate program has the potential to be a channel of growth for your company and bring in quality customers through qualified affiliate partners. But how do you successfully pitch these qualified affiliate partners? Today, I am going to go over my ways for pitching SaaS Affiliates to get them on board to promote a company’s products and services through their affiliate program. In this post you’ll learn about: Finding the right Affiliate Partners Defining Pitch Segments & Audiences Setting up Campaigns & Copy Following up and testing different variants Affiliate Signups and Onboarding Wrap up/Conclusion

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