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If you’re using search engine marketing to drive ecommerce sales, your fate largely depends on one thing: Google Shopping feed optimization.

Bold statement?

But Google Shopping results that turn up in search offer an enormous amount of power to increase “return on ad spend” (ROAS) with your Google Ads campaigns & increase your traffic via Google organic search.

Search Engine Land called Google Shopping the “largest growth opportunity for most online retailers in 2019” while citing massive increases in impressions throughout the year.

And it’s not hard to see why—Google Shopping is the search engine’s response to Amazon, and it’s putting up some serious competition.

Google Shopping is receiving a lot of traffic from users due to its premium placement in search, lots of innovation from Google engineers, and significant results for ecommerce retailers.

And therein lies your opportunity.

In this post, we’ll examine how ecommerce retailers can optimize their Google Shopping product feeds to unlock additional revenue.

Let’s roll.

  • PP

    Paul Perry

    3 months ago #

    Feels like the Google Shopping monster is only getting bigger and brands need to get ready!

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