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Reddit is tough. You can’t just post a promotional link to your blog and hope that people will like it – even if it is perfectly relevant and informational (trust me – I learned the hard way). You have to figure out the right game plan for using reddit in a way that will help you grow without annoying the mass of angsty Redditors.

  • KT

    Kane Thomas

    almost 5 years ago #

    Good stuff here, I definitely had a tough time with Reddit when I first started using it.

  • BG

    Brian Gladu

    almost 5 years ago #

    In my experience, a big part of success on reddit is:

    - Submit to only 1, maybe 2, really relevant subreddits.

    - Participate in the subreddit for a long time before submitting anything. People will check your username's history and if they see a pattern that indicates abuse, you'll get backlash and end up doing more harm than help for your brand.

    - Only post to contribute to the community. If you are thinking like a marketer you are bound to make a misstep that provokes the ire of the community. Be and act like a part of the community — it's about sharing and discussing great content, learning and teaching.

    • WH

      William Harris

      almost 5 years ago #

      Yeah - that is pretty much the summary - be a part of the community or die haha.

    • BC

      Belle Beth Cooper

      almost 5 years ago #

      I like your point about not thinking like a marketer. Thinking like a user who just wants to help others and add value to the community naturally makes me a better community member.

  • RJ

    Ramli John

    almost 5 years ago #

    I didn't get much value from this. I would have liked to seen more examples. For example, on top of saying "here are tips for submitting to reddit," you could have also given examples of good and bad posts. What did Louis CK do so well that made him $1M? What lessons can we learn from that?

    • RS

      Ross Simmonds

      almost 5 years ago #

      Agreed. I didn't get much out of this either.. Here are some additional tips I've learned over time from using Reddit that have been useful:

      1. Create Content That Helps People
      Two of my favourite subreddits include /r/Entrepreneur and /r/FantasyFootball. As someone who visits both of these subreddits daily (yes, even when the NFL season is over) there is a definite trend the type of content that rises to top. The best content on these subreddits include posts where users offer content that help people build better businesses or make better fantasy football decisions.

      On /r/entrepreneur you'll find that the top posts are users like me describing how I built a $250k consulting business or others who share marketing tactics that helped them generate $50k in monthly revenue. The posts that generate the most love through upvotes and comments are those that deliver true value to their audience.

      When you're thinking about the type of content you should be creating and submitting to Reddit, think about the questions that someone would ask an industry expert. If you're a company that sells software to developers; write a post that will help them with their career. If you're a company that sells toothpaste; write a post with life hacks for better oral hygiene. If you're a company that sells dog treats; write a post that tackles the vegan dog debate.

      Create content that your audience actually wants to read. Create content that your audience will be happy to have found and eager to distribute and share. Create content that helps people.

      One Tip: Focus on subreddits that are very niche and very specific to your audience. You're not going to submit a growth hacking post to /r/paleo- You're going to submit it to /r/advertising /r/bigseo or /r/startups..

      2. Monitor Subreddits For Relevant Conversations
      Everyday there are millions of people spending time on Reddit commenting and sharing content. Similar to the way brands monitor channels like Twitter looking for a comment that they can turn into a sale; Reddit offers a similar opportunity.

      Karmalytics is a tool that you can use to unlock amazing opportunities to engage with a highly targeted audience. To use Karmalytics you just upload a list of brand names, keywords, or domains you want them to monitor and select the subreddits you'd like to track. For example, if you're a marketing software company - it would make sense to track your brand name under the Subreddit /r/Marketing or /r/Startups.

      3. Put In The Work To Build Trust With The Community
      If you create a post that generates buzz within a community, don't just post and walk away. Take the time to respond to users as they comment on the post and ask you questions or offer feedback. Similar to the way you should respond to comments on your blog posts or infographics, you should respond to comments on Reddit.

      Pact Coffee, a London based online coffee start-up was able to generate more than 650 upvotes and 1250+ comments on their Reddit post and their ability to engage afterwards helped drive their success. When they held a follow up AMA on Reddit discussing their ad success, a user asked them about what they saw as the driver of success and they responded:

      Join in. Enjoy yourself and show that you're not a corporate drone.
      And when someone asked them about their time commitment and how often they checked the thread:

      "Throughout the day and sometimes at night! We'd spend an hour here, an hour there catching up on comments. We replied to most comments within a few hours and nearly all within 24 hours I think."

      In a nutshell, Pact Coffee and their success shows the importance of demonstrating that you care about the communities and embrace the idea of two way dialogue. You can check out their post here (https://www.reddit.com/comments/23y39g/an_invitation_to_uk_redditors_do_you_drink_coffee/) to get a better understanding of how they were able to crack the code.

      • WH

        William Harris

        almost 5 years ago #

        @ramlijiohn and @ross - great thoughts and suggestions. You are absolutely correct - I could have gone much much deeper than this. My goal was a more "beginner" post for people that are just getting their feet wet. I didn't want to overwhelm with too much information. Actually a couple of readers said that this inspired them to take action and they had great results. But - for the follow up, I will make sure to make the post much deeper.

  • NL

    Nick Lucs

    almost 5 years ago #

    Nice post, Will! I'll reference you to a comment on how I have used reddit to be successful (marketing and blog related).

    It's my little personal 'Reddit hack' that I think almost everyone can try and do. https://growthhackers.com/questions/ask-gh-how-are-you-currently-using-reddit-for-growth#comment-27498

  • RT

    Rob Thorpe

    almost 5 years ago #

    How not to suck at Reddit?

    Just naturally use the website the way it is designed to instead of being a smart ass and trying to cheat your way around it.

  • JE

    jonah engler

    almost 5 years ago #

    It's odd how I don't care about Reddit at all but I guess it's beneficial for marketing