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We can’t control what our competitors do, how Google and Facebook update their algorithms, or what TechCrunch writes about our company.

Yet teams spend endless energy worrying and complaining about these types of things that they are completely powerless to affect.

Top performing teams, in contrast, focus on what they can control.

The most powerful thing we can control is how much we learn and how fast we apply our learnings to adapt to change.

This brings you to an important question and the first principle of top performing growth teams: maximize learning.

  • MM

    martín medina

    over 3 years ago #

    Another great post in the series by @bbalfour thanks for sharing @wilsonghung! Learning is something so important for a company especially in the early stages, and as a company scales it can be very difficult to communicate what you learned with the rest of the team. I really like the point of making sure not to just emphasize sharing what you did but what you learned as well.

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