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Exactly one week ago I was speaking at HowToWeb 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. The tenth edition of a milestone conference in the CEE region.

I was honored to be part of such a high profile speaker line-up, including thought leaders like Sean Ellis (growth hacking), April Dunford (positioning), Bob Moesta (Jobs-to-be-Done) and Michael Perry (entrepreneurship).

The theme of the conference is "Better Products, Faster Growth" and that's what I was asked to talk about as well.

As the local tech ecosystem is gearing up, there's still a gap between ambitions and execution, especially when it comes to building products that people want and then managing to sell them.

That's why I shared 7 principles that make a big difference when starting off a product business, in the hope to bring some inspiration to the founders or aspiring founders in the room.

Coincidentally - or not - many of my fellow speakers touched on these same topics during their talks. I've linked to those talks wherever I can, so you can go into that too if you like.

Slides, transcript and links are all in the blog post 👇

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    Tarun Kumar

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